About Us

Welcome Dear Friends,

If you are here it’s mean that you can be the haskap grower and you are looking for the harvester for it. Or maybe  you want to found the berry plantation and you need some information about it. It is also possible that you have seen our machines on your neighbor’s farm. You certainly ask yourself:


WEREMCZUK is the brand of fruit and vegetables machinery. WEREMCZUK is the worldwide leader in producing machines for fruit growing and harvesting: currant and berry harvesters, sour cherry harvesters, raspberry harvesters; other machines like pruning machines, root shredders, multi-functional machines for orchards and plantations, and tunnel sprayers.

From the beginning about  2 000 berry harvesters have  worked very well on plantation in Poland and other countries of European Union (German, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria), Luxemburg, USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus even South Africa.

Our history

Our journey began in 1981. Two engineers Danuta and Jozef Weremczuk with passion for creation modern technologies for polish farmers, founded their own company and started to make berry harvesters and called them JOANNA.

It’s been almost 35 years. During this time we worked out and adapted  many new machines for fruit and vegetables growers. We tried to do it  the best we can. That’s why trusted us thousands of customers from all over the world and our machines won also many prizes on the agricultural exhibitions.

Our Vision

Everything we do, we do it with passion and engagement. Our philosophy is create innovative technologies and produce high-quality machines. We are also passionate about making our machines to be the response for the needs of our customers and their farms.

Thank you very much for your time and hope you will join us on our voyage.
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